Previous Presentations

Session: Keynote

Fred Schweighardt, Airgas, an Air Liquide company – Exploring Heat Exchangers

Session: Design, Specification & Plant Efficiency

Jonathan Breaux, Gulf Coast Exchanger – New Technology to Solve Vibration and Fabrication Problems in U-Tube Bundles

Vijay Chakravarthy, Precision Equipments – Innovative Heat Exchanger Designs Using Enhanced Heat Transfer Surfaces

Fred Schweighardt, Airgas, an Air Liquide company – Vaporizers for Cryogenic Service

Session: Materials & Damage Mechanisms

Sanjay Lodha, Tubacoat – Fouling Resistance Test on Ceramic-Coated Tubes via Dimethyl Ether Degradation

Heather Mroz, NobelClad – Using Explosion Clad Metals to Extend the Life and Recude the Cost of Heat Exchangers

Dennis Lamberth, Tricor Metals – CRAs and Fabrication

Session: Installation & Handling

Mike Prevost, Ohmstede – Exchanger Installation & Handling and Bolt-Up Considerations

Randy Manus, AeroGo, Inc. – Floating Heat Exchangers on Air

Session: Fabrication & Welding

Wade Armer, Ohmstede – Nozzle Loads and ANSI Flange Derating

Will Hasting, VELO3D – Additive Manufacturing for Heat Exchangers

Session: Cleaning Methods & Anti-Fouling Technologies

Evan Lyle, Projectile Tube Cleaning – Best Practices for Heat Exchanger Cleaning Leak Detection

Roberto Tomotaki, Clean as New – Ultrasonic Cleaning Solution

Session: Testing & Inspections

Gobind Khiani, Consultant – Facilities Management Systems

James Cesarini, Pro-Surve Technical Services – Exchanger Diaphragm Retrofit Welding and Inspection Challenges

Zach Burnett, Pro-Surve Technical Services – Tubular Management Decision Tree