2021 Retrospect

Valve World Mexico Conference & Expo 2021 Bringing Together Like minded Professionals

The Valve World Mexico Conference & Expo, held in Mexico City, MX, on November 9th – 10th, 2021, at the Sheraton Mexico City Maria Isabel was a giant success. By bringing together flow control experts, manufacturers, technicians, and end users,

industry professionals could share their extensive knowledge, discuss new technical innovations, and plan for the future of this diverse industry.

Bringing Together a Community

The 2021 Valve World Mexico Conference & Expo once again served as an exceptional meeting ground for the international valve industry. The Valve World Mexico Conference & Expo, which was held on November 9 – 10, 2021, at the Sheraton Mexico City Maria Isabel brought together a myriad of valve professionals and end users in Mexico City, where they could reconnect, network, talk shop, and collectively look forward to the future of this industry. Since the first Valve World Mexico Conference & Expo, held just last year in March 2020, also at the Sheraton Mexico City Maria Isabel, this event has become one of the most important for flow control experts in South America. Sponsored by A-T Controls, Bray, Neway Valve and Cameron, a Schlumberger company, and supported by Walworth, Worcester, and Xanik, this year’s expo and conference drew an audience of hundreds of participants from all realms of the industrial valve community.

High Quality Programming

Valve World Mexico is a two-day event that boasted a number of Spanishlanguage informational sessions, panels, and social events for professionals from all around the globe, not just Mexico. On Day One, November 9, the conference kicked off with a stellar keynote address from Bronson Pate of TRICORD Consulting, where he informed the group about available valve improvements for pipelines. Following the address and a short break for coffee and exhibition perusal, conference goers had their choice in attending several workshops, including: Fugitive Emissions, hosted by Bronson Pate of TRICORD Consulting and Jo.o Carlos Vitorino, Consultant; New Technologies, hosted by Rodrigo Garza of Bray International, Eduardo Mulato Jimenez of Neles, and Kelwin Hernandez of Cameron, a Schlumberger company; and Valve Selection – Panel, hosted by Andres Tobacia of Anything Flows (US Valve Distributor), Adrian Meza of Worcester Valves (API 6D, API 607 Ball Valves), Chance Russo of Sesto Valves (Delta T Butterfly Valves, API 598 Butterfly valves & control valves), Rene Ferreira of Bray Flotek (Metal Seated MS-SP-61 Ball valves), and Felipe Ruiz of Xanik (API 600 Gate, globe and check valves). After the courses were successfully held, Valve World Mexico guests took a break for lunch, then were able to return again for a four-hour Fast-Track Valve Course hosted by Davi Sampaio Correia, a Mechanical Engineer and Consultant. On the event’s second day, another keynote address was delivered by Davi Sampaio Correia about the future of the valve industry and upcoming product innovations. After a break for coffee, additional workshops were held, including: Standards and Certifications Updates, held by Felipe Ruiz of Xanik/ Xanor de Mexico and Jose Luis Trejo Rosales of Vacoisa; Valve Design, held by Felipe Llanos and Rene Ferreira of Bray International; Testing and Maintenance, held by Bronson Pate of TRICORD Consulting and Jo.o Carlos Vitorino, Consultant. After lunch was served and guests could again browse the Expo floor, the event closed out with a final course called Emission Control for Valves, hosted by Bronson Pate of TRIORD Consulting.

Across the entirety of this two day event, 22 vendors also displayed their new products and technologies on the Expo floor. It was here that end users, manufacturers’ representatives, distributors, engineers, and professionals alike could invest their time, knowledge, and experience into discovering all current and future offerings by several of South America’s biggest valve players. The Valve World Mexico Conference and Expo would not have been possible without the hard work of the tireless panelists and presenters, and for that Valve World Mexico Expo and Conference would like to express gratitude. On exhibitor from DENSO shared their excitement about the event, saying “It’s been a good, quality show, and has been really busy all day. We’re getting a lot of questions about corrosion prevention and coding, so I’m really excited to sign up for next year.”

Another exhibitor from EFCO also expressed the benefits of attending the event, saying “We have been meeting with a lot of potential customers from the valve manufacturing world as well as service companies. We have found a lot of interest in our products.” The Valve World Mexico Conference & Expo team was thrilled to work alongside their phenomenal sponsors – A-T Controls, Bray, Neway Valve and Cameron, a Schlumberger company, and the supporters Walworth, Worcester, and Xanik – in organizing such a successful event.

The next Valve World Mexico Conference & Expo will return in 2023.